Friday, April 24, 2015

Marazzi's Fontanella Brings Stone & Wood Together

Fontanella Monza

Two decidedly hot design trends come together in Marazzi’s Fontanella. A color body porcelain mélange of stone and wood seamlessly integrates the finest characteristics of each medium into an open-possibility visual landscape. Some pieces are stone; some pieces are wood; some pieces randomly and masterfully mix sections of each. Patterns can be designed to be linear or at right angles, and with side-by-side or staggered tiles.

Color Body Porcelain Floor Tile (rectified): 20" x 20" squares, 18" x 36" rectangles

Fontanella is available in three colors:

Brianza (left side below) - beige stone tones are complemented by warm, medium wood values, mixing easily with, but not limited to, more traditional decors.

Milan (center below) - gray stone hues coordinate with dark wood tones for maximum impact, lending a cooler, even industrial feel, where desired.

Monza (right side below) - white stone coloration blends with a light wood look, creating a minimalistic feeling that’s perfect for modern design.

For more information about Fontanella, please follow the links to Marazzi's website.
Marazzi is available from ISC Surfaces in Kansas, Missouri, and Central /Southern (south of I-72) Illinois.

Fontanella Brianza, Milan, Monza