Friday, May 15, 2015

Wilsonart Introduces Coordinated Surfaces

Selecting multiple surface options for a project has long been a daunting task. Matching different products and finishes has turned low-pressure and high-pressure options into, quite simply, a lot of pressure. Until now.

Wilsonart's Coordinated Surfaces program has combined their High-Pressure Laminate, Thermally-Fused Laminate Panels, and Edgeband into convenient, best-matched collections to make specifying coordinating surfaces a breeze.

When you select a Wilsonart design for your project, you can be confident it will look just as you had planned. Wilsonart's Coordinated Surfaces gives you the best possible matches in surface design and texture, no matter which pattern is used. Even more assuring is knowing it is all backed by the superior product quality and service you’ve come to expect from Wilsonart.

Imagine more than 200 Wilsonart designs and 6 exclusive Wilsonart finishes, engineered to give the best match in the industry in terms of both design and finish texture. It’s the beginning of the end for “good enough” matches.

Coordinated Surfaces allows designers to specify from a single brand with a single nomenclature, knowing that their project will look just like they planned, even after the value engineers get through with it.

For more information about Wilsonart's Coordinated Surfaces, please visit the Wilsonart website here.

Wilsonart is available from ISC Surfaces in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Western Missouri.