Friday, July 31, 2015

Atlas Concorde's Arty is Cutting Edge in Wall Design

Arty Milk Wave
Arty—Inspired by plaster walls, Arty wall tile features chalky, natural looks and 3D wave patterns that combine cutting-edge aesthetics with the functional advantages of high quality white-body ceramic.  (All sizes noted are in inches.)

Colors: Charcoal, Curry, Malt, Milk, Sugar, Tabasco
White-Body Wall Tile (rectified): 16x32
Accents (varies by color): Mini-Brick Mosaic, 16x32 Wave, 16x32 Textile, 2-piece Urban deco

For additional information, please follow the link to the Atlas Concorde website.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Florida Tile Introduces Earthstone

Vellum 12x24 & chair rail
Fossil Warm hexagon mosaic

Florida Tile's Earthstone features four earthy color tones with an intricately detailed stone-like surface inspired by the incredible texture of hand cut stone block.

Colors: Chamois, Mink, Seal, Vellum
Porcelain Field Tile (in inches): 12x12, 12x24, 18x18
Trims & Accents: Mosaic, Hexagon Mosaic, Listellos, Ledger, Chair Rail & Stop, Bullnose
Other Features: Made in the USA, Pre-Consumer Recycled Content, GREENGUARD Certified, Certified Porcelain

For additional information, please follow the link to the Florida Tile website. 

Florida Tile is available from ISC Surfaces in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Central / Southern Illinois.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Johnsonite Offers More Options in Acczent

Acczent Brushed Oak Medium
Johnsonite has expanded their heterogeneous sheet product, Acczent. This update creates design continuity between sheet and tile.

Acczent previously had 19 items, including 1 steel and 18 wood visuals.  Now, there are 25 wood, 6 concrete, 4 Zen, and 4 Tisse looks.

Not only does this update offer wood, concrete, and linen textural visuals in both sheet and tile formats, but it is now a matte finish. This change coordinates with the other homogeneous lines.

Acczent’s Features Include:
Produced with phthalate-free technology (except pre-consumer recycled content)
TVOCs under 10 /μg cubic meter (under limit of quantification)
FloorScore™ certified meeting CA01350
100 % recyclable
Contains 23% pre-consumer recycled content
Low-emitting water-based adhesives

For more information about Acczent and other Johnsonite products, please visit the Johnsonite website here.

Johnsonite is available from ISC Surfaces in Kansas, Oklahoma, Western Missouri, and Northwestern Arkansas.

Friday, July 10, 2015

American Olean's New Rustic Wood Look, Historic Bridge

Historic Bridge Upper Ferry
Historic Bridge perfectly captures the look of exposed and weathered wood, with authentic details like water staining and cracking, worn-paint effects, and a slight sheen along the graining.  (All sizes are in inches.)

Colors: Bank’s Bridge, Old Hollow, Old Forge, Upper Ferry
Porcelain Field Tile: 6x36
Trims & Accents: 3x18 Bullnose
Other Features: Made in the USA, Certified Porcelain, Pre-Consumer Recycled Materials

For more information about this line or other American Olean products, please click here to visit the American Olean web site.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Marazzi Summerville Evokes Aged French Limestone

Summerville Kir Royale
Marazzi's newest introduction, Summerville, is inspired by aged French limestone.  This beautiful tile features softly worn surfaces, rustic chiseled edges, enticing colors, and weathered veining.

Colors: Café au Lait, Champagne, Kir Royale
Porcelain Field Tile: 12x24, 20x20, 18x36
Trims & Accents: 2x4 Herringbone Mosaic, 2x2 Square Mosaic, Bullnose
Other Features: Made in the USA, Certified Porcelain, Pre-Consumer Recycled Content

All sizes noted are in inches.  For additional information, please follow the link to the Marazzi website.

Marazzi is available from ISC Surfaces in Kansas, Missouri, and Central /Southern (south of I-72) Illinois.