Friday, January 8, 2016

Johnson Hardwood's Rowlock - Beautiful Wood Wall Covering

Johnson Hardwood Introduces Rowlock Wood Panels. A GORGEOUS new hardwood wall covering!

Rowlock is a brand new hardwood wall option that is sure to generate WOW responses! These wall panels are made of genuine hardwood species such as Hickory, Acacia, Walnut, and Oak. Choose from two styles offering true three dimensional depth: a linear random visual in a stacked ledger look, or a unique block pattern with curved relief pieces.

Prior to assembly, each piece of wood has been hand-sanded and stained for a natural look showcasing the beauty of hardwood. Interlocking panels install quickly and easily with no special training or tools.

Transform ordinary walls into extraordinary – you will be looking for a wall to show off this product!

For more information about Rowlock, please visit the Johnson Hardwood website here.