Friday, March 25, 2016

TEC LiquiDam EZ—An Innovative Installer-Friendly Solution to Moisture Issues

TEC is introducing a ground-breaking, non-epoxy-based, Moisture Mitigation product in its Surface Prep category. LiquiDam EZ provides all the moisture mitigation benefits of epoxy-based formulas, plus additional time and money-saving advantages, in an installer-friendly, ready-to-use formula.

LiquiDam EZ’s features and benefits include:
  • Meets specs for <.01 perm rating
  • Application to concrete with up to 100% RH and 48 hours old
  • No primer required before applying surface prep products
  • Shot blasting may not be required
  • Same day flooring installation—dries within 4 to 5 hours after second coat
  • Ready to use, reusable, and resealable—less waste and prep time
  • 1-part, single component—simple hand stir before use
  • Low VOC, less odor
  • Can be installed over burnished concrete
LiquiDam EZ is available in a 5 gallon pail. Original LiquiDam will continue to be available as well for those jobs still needing an epoxy

For more information about this product or more products from TEC, please click here.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Hot Looks in Porcelain Tile: Linear and Fabric

These beautiful porcelain tiles feature linear and fabric designs for a modern / dimensional / textured look and feel.

For more information about each series, please click its name below:

Top Left: American Olean, Rapport, Harmony Beige
Top Right: Crossville, Ready to Wear, Smarty Pants in 12x24 (Floor) and Button Up 2x6 (wall)
Bottom Left: Florida Tile, Rhyme, Ivory Staccato
Bottom Right: Marazzi, Lounge 14, Sidecar
Crossville is available from ISC Surfaces in Missouri, Kansas, and Central  / Southern Illinois.
Florida Tile is available from ISC Surfaces in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Central / Southern Illinois.
Marazzi is available from ISC Surfaces in Kansas, Missouri, and Central / Southern (south of I-72) Illinois.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Atlas Concorde's Etic Pro is Inspired by Nature

Etic Pro Noce Hickory
Inspired by four sought-after wood species with marked character and strong personalities, Etic Pro faithfully reproduces the extraordinary details and natural irregularities of wood planks, including rich veining, sapwood, streaks, marbling, and knots.  (Sizes are in inches unless otherwise noted.)

Colors: Eucalipto Smoked, Noce Hickory, Quercia Antique, Rovere Venice

Rectified Porcelain Tile (and finish options): 9x36 (matte, polished, grip), 10x59 (matte)

Etic Pro Eucalipto Smoked & Etic Pro Eucalipto Smoked Chevron Tatami
Trims & Accents: 20mm Outdoor Lastra (12x48, 24x24), Industrial 3D deco, Herringbone deco, Chevron deco, Chevron Tatami deco, Tatami deco, Bullnose

For more information about Etic Pro or other Atlas Concorde products, please click here

Atlas Concorde products are made in Italy and non-stocked items may have extended lead times. Etic Pro is not available from ISC Surfaces in Oklahoma.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Florida Tile's Relive Inspired by Rich Colors of Reclaimed Wood

Relive Florida
Relive Montana
Relive adds contemporary style by combining the contrasts of rustic and modern design into one. The striking 48” long format features a slight texture reminiscent of natural wood surface and delivers high shade variation and graphic detail.

Alaska, Florida, Montana, Oregon
Glazed Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile: 8" x 48"
Other Features: GREENGUARD Certified, Certified Porcelain, 40% Recycled Content

For more information about this or any other Florida Tile products, please click here.
Florida Tile is available from ISC Surfaces in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Central / Southern Illinois.