Friday, May 13, 2016

Questech’s Innovative Jolly Adds The Finishing Touch

Questech is introducing a versatile accent piece for field and deco tile—the 1/2” x 12” Jolly.

Uses: Liner, Mosaic Element, Deco Accent, Low-Profile Cap

12 Real Cast Metal Finishes:  Bronze (Eggshell or Polished), Brushed Nickel (Eggshell or Polished), Copper (Eggshell or Polished), Gold (Eggshell), Orb (Bright Satin), Titanium (Eggshell or Polished), Wrought Iron (Eggshell or Polished)

Other Features: Made in the USA; Antimicrobial, Scratch & Stain Resistant; Protected by Q-Seal so you can use it in wet areas

For more information about Questech, please visit their website by clicking here.