Monday, August 7, 2017

Glamour by Florida Tile Features Striking 3-D Wall Tiles in White & Metallics

Mirror Pyramid 14x39
White Diamond 9x18
Glamour is an unique line that pairs elegant white porcelain tile with three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles in white and metallics.

Semi-Gloss White Certified Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile (with geometric microstructure): 12x24 field tile, 1x4 straight-stack mosaic, 3x12 bullnose

Glossy White Ceramic Wall Tile: 3 wall tiles (9x18, 12x24, 14x39), 3 bullnose sizes (3x14, 3x12, 3x9), 3x3 outside corner, 2x9 chair rail, 1x2 chair rail stop

10 Decorative Wall Tiles in 3D Patterns
: sizes vary (9x18, 12x24, 14x39); colors include glossy
white, mirror, gold

For more information about this line or other Florida Tile items, please visit their website by clicking here.

Florida Tile is available from ISC Surfaces in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Central / Southern Illinois.

All sizes noted are in inches.